It was me

It was me. Starring at the ocean, alone. It was me. Surrounded by darkness, alone It was me. Staring at the moon, alone. It was me. Dancing on the wet stones, alone. It was me. Following the rhythm of the broken waves, alone. It was me. Thanking the Universe for that moment, alone. It was... Continue Reading →



With every sip I felt my mind Going number, And my heart beating wilder. Athena


Elegant dresses, expensive clothes, Make-up, jewelry, watches. Fake smiles, subtile touches, Desiring looks, forbidden thoughts. A Routine at our everyday jobs. Athena


The wine washing my throat Leaving a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth, Was like coffee for the ones that all day count. Only my drug would make me numb And a little bit in love with everything I saw. The ones running after money Don`t know, that wine instead of coffee, Makes everything more fun.... Continue Reading →

Turn on the light

Love can be a blessing and a curse. Loving is the most essential thing in our life. Living without love is like putting a bomb with a timer on ourselves. Sooner or later it will kill us. Loving is exciting, beautiful, joyful, free. But it also has a darker part. Where it`s worrying, suffering, over... Continue Reading →

The fulfilled wish

Once upon a time a girl made a wish. Her heart was broken for some time and even tough she tried to fix it, when she thought that she found all the pieces and put them back, it broke again. What she didn’t know was that it’s hard to fix something broken, when you keep... Continue Reading →

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